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Global Fund for Women is an excellent organization and we are proud to have fundraised for them.  However, we are now directing our efforts in a new direction.  The November election of Donald Trump as President of the United States came as a surprise; we had assumed Hillary Clinton would be our next president and therefore had not been concerned about the fate of institutions which protect the rights of our own citizens, or organizations which seek to conserve the planet for future generations.  We knew Hillary Clinton would have continued the great progress made during the Obama years in civil rights and environmental protection, and so we were happy to raise money for women overseas and not put too much effort into helping our own nation's institutions or climate change research (which affects us all).

Now, however, we watch as Trump places climate change deniers and outspoken "alt-right" men in positions of great power.  We are deeply worried about the fate of our country in terms of equality for all, and we are deeply concerned about the fate of the world in general due to Trump's ignorance of climate change and the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.   We therefore feel the need to shift our fundraising efforts into a direction that serves our own country in this time of great distress.  We are still hiking the Grid -- that will not change!  However, we will now highlight an organization that we feel can help counter Trump's potential damaging policies. 

We thank all those who have donated to Global Fund for Women on behalf of Sisters Hiking for Equality.  This is a fine, outstanding nonprofit and it is still in need of donations, so please do continue to donate to them and honor their fine work.  This page will not disappear from the cybersphere.  We will, however, cease to actively search for $576 donors since we will be highlighting a different organization that directly counters Trump's anti-civil rights and/or anti-climate change research stances.

Looking good so far! We're at $3363 as of October 2, 2016!
Thank you for helping women around the world!  
Global Fund for Women rocks!

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Our Hiking Project

I am happy to announce that Mom, Sage, and I are doing the White Mountain Grid as a way to raise money for a nonprofit organization called Global Fund for Women.  The Grid is hiking all 48 of New Hampshire's Four Thousand Footers in every month of the year.  We already have a good start, so we are confident and determined in our ability to do the rest.  You can read more about the White Mountain Grid here.  Mom has put together a page that shows our progress in hiking the Grid here.

Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women is an organization which supports women and girls all around the world in many different ways.  It fights for basic rights for women such as economic independence and education.  I believe that equality is important and should occur in all parts of the world.  It is unjust to treat someone like property, as some women unfortunately are in some countries.  Mom, Sage, and I want to help Global Fund for Women's mission by hiking the Grid to raise money for the organization.  You can read more about Global Fund for Women on its website.

We need your help!

We need your help to raise money for this wonderful organization.  Sage and I hope to get 30 individuals or companies to donate $576 each.  (Though if you can't commit to $576, then we happily welcome any amount you'd like to give!)  This adds up to a total of $17,280.  We each plan to finish the Grid before we go to college, so we have 5 - 7 years to reach our fundraising goal of roughly $3000 a year.  People/companies can donate all $576 at once, or they can give a smaller amount over a certain number of months.  (Though again -- if you can't commit to $576, then we happily welcome any amount you'd like to give!)

Can you help us out?  Here is our CrowdRise site.

Our Experience Hiking

Sage and I have been hiking New Hampshire's highest mountains since 2008, so we are very confident in our goal.  We love to hike and we feel that it's a great idea to hike for a worthwhile cause.  In 2013, we hiked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago and raised $10,000 for Global Fund for Woman and GirlVentures (a separate female-empowering nonprofit organization).  We hiked the 211-mile John Muir Trail in 2014 and raised over $2000 for Feeding America.  Our other hiking accomplishments include parts of the Great Wall of China in 2015, 45 state highpoints (as of March 2016), and various NH mountain hiking lists over the past seven years.  We are experienced all-season hikers and, most importantly, we respect the mountains; taking unnecessary risks on our hikes is unsafe and unwise, so we do not take them.  We will approach this goal like we've approached all our other hiking goals -- safety will always come first, and though we are determined and able, we will maintain a healthy sense of humility on the trails.

You can see all our past hikes, going back to 2008, on my mom's blog, Trish, Alex, and Sage.

Sage will have her own blog when she is 13, by the way!  She will then share the writing and post trip reports to her own site.  I will post until she is old enough to have her own social media accounts.

The List of Donors
We hope to get five or six $576 donations a year over the next six years (2016-2021).

Tammy Daugherty of New London, CT.  $576.  March 2016

The Lady from New York (who wishes to remain anonymous to the public)  $576.  March 2016

Women Outdoors.  National, non-profit, female-empowering organization.  $576.  May 2016

Anonymous.  $576.  October 2016

Sarah Ryan of Massachusetts.  $576.  October 2016

Individual donations adding up to $576 -- thank you Samantha Brady, Tom Rankin,  Stephen Clapp, Denise Carignan, Marcy Light, Cynthia Walthour, Lynn Pettipaw, Marc Hedges, Jill "Honda," Katie & Ally MacDonald, Ellen Israel, and Beth Herr.  $483 as of 10/02/2016

Looking good so far! We're at $3363 as of October 2, 2016!
Thank you for helping women around the world!  
Global Fund for Women rocks!

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