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First Created: January 2016
Last Updated: August 2020

My name is Alexandra Herr and I'm a rising high school senior. I have been hiking NH's Four Thousand Footers year-round since I was five years old. This blog exists mainly as a way for me to keep track of and document my hikes. Here are some of my hiking accomplishments in NH and in other parts of the world:
  • NH Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire (2008-2009, was the second-youngest girl to do so, now I'm the third-youngest because of Sage)
  • Winter NH Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire (2008-2012, youngest person to do so)
  • Trailwrights 72 peaks in New Hampshire (2008-2014, youngest person to do so at that time)
  • El Camino de Santiago, complete 554-mile Camino Frances route (from SJPP to Fisterra) (2013)
  • The 211-mile John Muir Trail in California (2014)
  • Parts of the Great Wall of China (2015)
  • 46 State Highpoints (2010-2016)
  • The 49-mile Laugavegur in Iceland (2016)
  • The 165-mile Cohos Trail in New Hampshire (2017)
  • The 192-mile Coast to Coast Trail in England (2018)
  • The 31.5-mile White Mountain Pemi Loop in less than 24 hours, solo (September 2018)
  • The 25-mile Lost Coast Trail in California (2019)
These hikes are documented on my mom's blog, Trish, Alex, and Sage. Sage also has a blog: Sage's White Mountain Treks.

I am sole founder and creator of the 13 Before 13 list. This is a list specifically for children under the age of 13. 

I am also a co-founder (along with my mom and my sister) of the NH Terrifying 25 list. This is a list of the most "terrifying" trails in NH. I am the creator of the patch which is given to hikers who complete this list, and I am an administrator on the T25 Facebook Group, which currently has over 2,500 members.

I became a co-adopter of the Alpine Garden Trail on Mt. Washington in July 2016. My mother, sister, and I rebuild cairns, create and modify scree walls, and generally keep the trail maintained.

I enjoy having a blog because it is fun to document my hikes online -- I enjoy developing my blog through different trip reports! Besides hiking, my other hobbies are drawing, practicing karate, slacklining, skiing, biking, writing, and listening to music.


  1. Go Alex! I have no doubt you and your mother and sister can complete any hiking goal you set your minds to!

  2. Always enjoy what ever you do. If you do this you will accomplish wonders.

  3. Thanks Tom and John! That is really nice of you.

  4. I've following your hiking adventures since 2012, and it makes me almost envious and deeply nostalgic (having grown up in the White Mountains and peakbagging them from ages 6-12 - I thought that that was a young age!) You, your mother and sister are truly heroines. Keep hiking!

    1. Hello there, this is Trish (Alex's mom). Thank you for your very kind comment! Alex is at camp for the next three weeks so she can't respond until mid-July. I will make sure she sees this as soon as she gets back. Thanks again for taking the time to write.

  5. Thank you for your support! It is great to hear that you hiked a lot as a kid as well. I hope we meet you on a trail sometime!

  6. Hey there Alex!,
    ~Love this site! I am so proud of you! As a mom, with a daughter (8th grade)who has a soul in nature and feels deeply about equality and justice too, - we get it! Good luck to you and stick to your beliefs rooted in love and respect for all, - even those who don't know they deserve it or how to feel and use it! I wrote a little diddy to someone who offended me with their obnoxious election and victory signs:

    There are No Winners in the 2016 Election

    No one won. Every American lost.

    When xenophobic, homophobic, ignorant and vague populist emotions and lies run a campaign, truth, justice, equality and vision are lost. Mob takes over.

    When diversity is squashed, culture, creativity and innovation stop.

    When Hope is replaced by Fear, goodness and humanity are conserved. Doubt fills souls.

    When the majority of voters do not get represented, it is not Democracy.

    When rights and privileges are taken away from people, they will fight.

    When peaceful religions are backed into an injust corners of hatred and misunderstanding, they will be inclined to radicalize.

    When gay and lesbian families are told that their Love is wrong, they will rebel.

    Maybe they were only “Words” to “Win” to you, Mr. Trump, but you have eroded the fabric of these United States and left it vulnerable to radicalization, hatred, distrust and attack. You showed that you have no understanding of people, cultures and great civilizations. People will fight for their lives and their beliefs. They will not stop because you say you’re sad or you say “Stop It”.

    We do not Trust you Mr. Trump. You are like a predator, ---who says to the naive, unknowing children, --“it’ll all be okay, --get into my car, C’mon, I’ve got some candy tax-breaks for you”…. “Oooo, Candy” the little minds say……..”I like candy, .............Okay”.

    You stirred the pot, Mr. Trump, only to find you don’t like the flavors all mixed up.

    You Created a false war on Obama and Clinton, much the same as Bush did on Sadam and just as Bush unjustifiably destabilized a whole region and bred a will to fight a war among those affected, you have destabilized our whole country. You have made us vulnerable.

    So, America, it was a good idea. It was an Ideal Idea.

    What a Shame, a literal Shame, that we can’t stand here and say we are the still the greatest nation, built on our unique and unalienable rights, values and ideals anymore.

    No one wins this.
    The flip side to this, Alex, is that it will prompt those with good souls and hearts and hands to USE them. Maybe we will see more good come about in awareness that everyone can do something. :)

    Keep on trekking! Being out in Nature, with your legs moving, and your mind thinking is just about Perfect!

    ~Take care,
    ~Nancy Ruhl
    Blaine, WA

    1. Your comment means a lot, thank you! I totally agree, the country's safety is at stake due to this presidency.

  7. Dear Alex,

    I was hoping to meet with you during your recent visit to UCS, but was unable. My colleagues were inspired by you and your family. And my own 7th grade daughter and I are inspired reading your blog now.

    Thank you for your support of UCS, and for your determination to fight climate change.

    Keep up the great work and your amazing journey!
    And keep in touch! We hope to meet you on the trails some day soon...


    Erika Spanger-Siegfried

    1. It was a pleasure to meet with members of UCS! I am grateful to have been able to learn about UCS and talk to some of the top scientists. I love what you do and the values of Union of Concerned Scientists; climate change effects can be so devastating, and I am happy UCS fights against them and tries to stop the worst of these effects.
      Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I hope to see you on the trails as well.

  8. Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing 17-year-olds out there. Hope you had a great day - best wishes in the new year & decade. Keep hiking!


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