Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sage's Post of Adams and Madison Hike

We went on an epic hike last week!  Check out Sage's blog post on her blog, Sage's White Mountain Treks, here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Night Hike of South Carter and Carter Dome, 9/8/2019

South Carter and Carter Dome
11.6 miles round trip
Around 4000 feet of elevation gain

Hey there, everyone!  I know it's been a while since I have posted a standard blog post with pictures and comments.  I would like to start doing that again in addition to the YouTube videos because I enjoy writing up these reports and I missed regularly making them.

When we can, we night hike on the weekend now, which is helpful since I have so much work this year already.  I was excited to start but also nervous thinking about the possibility of getting out too late; I had this image in my head of us arriving at the second summit while the sky was pitch black.  This did not happen, though, and we reached Carter Dome (our second and final summit for the day) around the time of sunset.  Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so we didn't see as much as we expected.  I hope the view is better next time, but I still enjoyed the hike and how adventurous it felt.

Sage and me on South Carter!

Carter Dome pics ahead!

Pumpkin-flavored Whoopie Pies are truly heaven...

Coming down in headlamps the whole way was an experience!  We have hiked in the dark before, though, so we are used to it by now.  Occasionally I think I see Slenderman in the woods, but I guess my imagination will never turn off when I have to be somewhere dark.

The bright moon through the trees...

The pond by the hut looking mysterious at night... 


A car was passing by...

I had a great time on the hike!  We got back to the car at 10:30 pm.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sage - Carrigain Hike YouTube Video

Sage made a great video of our hike of Carrigain.  Please check it out here: Thank you!

GraniteGals Interview: Alina Sawady

We had a great time interviewing Alina Sawady, a 12-year-old girl from Massachusetts who hikes with her family in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Check out our interview with her on GraniteGals:

13 Before 13 Hiking List

I created 13 Before 13, a hiking list designed for children younger than 13.  Check out the website:! 

The rules (which are posted on the 13 Before 13 blog):

This list is composed of 13 hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and only children under 13 qualify to earn anything on completion of the list, hence the title.  The hikes are split into sections of 4 with Easy, Medium, Hard, and 1 last hike of Little Haystack.  Each of the first 3 sections contains a hike with views, a hike with scrambles, and a hike with waterfalls.  The last of the 4 hikes is one that the children choose themselves.  On completing each of the 3 sections before Little Haystack, the kid receives a sticker.  On finishing the whole list, the child earns a patch.

The goal of 13 Before 13 is to give young people a project that is not too intimidating.  I want them to feel like this list was made for them...because it was!  Ideally, this list would introduce children to hiking and motivate them to move on to more difficult lists after they finish 13 Before 13.  The stickers, besides being motivational, are there for if a child doesn't finish the whole list but he/she completes one or more of the sections.