Friday, December 23, 2016

Moriah and Mom's birthday! December 22, 2016

Stony Brook Trail and Carter Moriah Trail. 
10 miles roundtrip. 
3150 feet elevation gain.

Mom's birthday!  We had such a great time.  I am about to travel for the Christmas holidays, so I will write this trip report when I return before the end of the month.  For now, I will say that this was a perfect hike of Moriah, with great trail conditions (packed snow so only microspikes were needed), gray jays, and a delicious ice cream cake on the summit  (that melted a bit against Mom's back as she hiked up, lol). 

Here are the photos -- I will edit this trip report as soon as I return.  Happy Holidays!

Edit -- December 31, 2016 - This will be a short report as I am still currently living in holiday bustle; I hope everyone is having a joyous Christmas/New Year season.

Today was Mom's birthday!  It was super fun hiking up Mt. Moriah.  It snowed on us almost the entire way!

It was a nice day and there was snow falling as we ascended.

Photo by Mom
There was a nice view through a break in the clouds.

There was a particularly steep part close to the top.  We made a path through the trees on the left side and got up that way. 

Sage and I with a misty view behind us!

Photo by Mom

Mom carried a small ice cream cake up Mt. Moriah for her birthday.  Half of it melted a bit (the part next to her back) and the other half stayed whole.  It was a comical sight, but it still tasted wonderful!

Half-melted ice cream cake!  :) Taken by Mom
Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you!

Mom eating the cake!
It was delicious anyway! Taken by Sage
There was a beautiful view.  Strangely, there wasn't frost on the trees like there was last time we were on Moriah (late fall), but it still was a gorgeous sight fit for a gorgeous moment.

Happy birthday to my very special mother!  It was a great, happy day and we all had a good time.
I will write again tomorrow about our December 29th hike of the Osceolas.  Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tom, Field, and Willey. December 11, 2016

Mt Tom, Field, and Willey
Avalon Trail, A-Z Trail, Mount Tom Spur, Willey Range Trail, Ethan Pond Trail
8.5 miles
3,100 feet of elevation gain 

The temperature outside was low; it was 2 degrees in the valley when we started and 20 degrees when we got back down.  There was snow covering the trail (except for the occasional rock or root) and the path was packed out.

No bright foliage anymore, but definitely winter wonderland worthy.

As we got higher, we caught glimpses of a bluebird sky and the tops of snow-covered pine trees.

When we got to the viewpoint right before the summit of Mt. Tom, there was a spectacular wintery spectacle.  A white blanket was laid over the mountains near us and also over the one we climbed.  Beyond, the mountains were dark purple with white tops.

This is a picture Mom took of Sage and I on Mt. Tom itself.  The cairn was covered in snow but it provided a good place for us to rest our poles.  We encountered a couple of gray jays (they usually come in pairs) who were hungry for food.  One was squat and fluffy and the other was more lean.

When we made it over to Mt. Field there were another two gray jays.  Both of them appeared to be equally fat, so we decided they were two different birds and not the same two we saw on Mt. Tom.  Mom inquired, "How is that branch not tipping over?"  It still remains a mystery.

Us two!

It was mostly cloudy on Willey, but there was more of a view to the left.

Summit snack!  Getting into holiday season mode.

My hair was white at the tips from the snow.

Back at the trailhead. 

Winter break is arriving many holidays coming up!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hiking the Hancocks 12/4/2016

The Hancocks
9.8 miles
2,650 feet of elevation gain
Cedar Brook Trail, Hancock Loop Trail

We hiked the Hancocks today.  There was a fair bit of snow covering the ground.

There wasn't as much snow on the trees themselves down here as there was farther up.

Sage got a snowflake in her hair!

Mom got a picture of Sage and I on the trail (Sage in the front, myself in the back).

When we arrived at a higher point on the mountain, there was an icy archway waiting for us intertwined with snowy, icy branches.

Even the tree trunks were completely covered in ice!  It was beautiful and magical.

The first summit, North Hancock!  It was a cloudy day so there weren't any visible views--just cloud.

After that, we traversed over to South peak.  It was a fantastical scene of beauty with the trees and the snow.  I cannot stress enough how much I was and am in love with the sight.

Summit sign with gorgeous trees in the background...

Coming down...

We were back at the parking lot and everything went well!  The Hancocks are always enjoyable and nice to hike, and they provide beauty--down to the smallest beautiful snowflake--even when it is cloudy.

Back to the car!  I had a Spanish test today so I studied on the way back home.

Winter break is coming soon...I can't wait!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Carter Dome, South Carter, and Middle Carter. November 23, 2016

The Carters
Nineteen Mile Brook Trail, Carter Dome Trail, Carter Moriah Trail, North Carter Trail, Imp Trail
10.6 miles
4,100 feet of elevation gain

It was the day before Thanksgiving when we hiked the three Carters.  There was ice covering some of the rocks, and the air was chilly but not too terribly freezing.  Our friend, John Myers, came with us.

My phone had some issues when we tried to upload the pictures onto the blog, so most of the images showing were taken by Mom.  I uploaded some of mine through email though, and I will note which ones those are.

I took this one.  It is the dam that marks the one mile mark on the Nineteen Mile Brook trail!

I took this one when we arrived at the intersection of Nineteen Mile Brook Trail and Carter Dome Trail.  The trail was looking beautiful and fresh with the cool snowy dusting (pun intended).

I shot this one as I was about to cross a water crossing.

The trees were lightly frosted with snow and the ground had its share of white.

I took this picture.  Snowy trees are gorgeous in contrast with the blue sky!


We came to another intersection.

Carter Dome ahead!

We came out into a snow-filled clearing with stiff hands but wintery wonders in front of our eyes.

Summit photos!

After that, we continued to South Carter.

Bog bridges in a winter wonderland...

It was foggy, but some trees were able to slip through (I took this one).

There is me photographing the scenery at Middle Carter.

And Sage!


And me again...

Back at the car, I examined the interesting ice patterns that had formed in my Nalgene (I took this).

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!