Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Solo Hike of Cabot, 9/22/2018

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York Pond Trail, Bunnell Notch Trail, Kilkenny Ridge Trail
2,400 feet of elevation gain
9.6 miles round-trip

I solo hiked Cabot on Saturday, and I had a great time!  It was chilly and the leaves were turning; I could feel that fall had arrived.

There I went...

A lovely little bridge:

Feeling good...

Fresh morning sky:

Going up...

Some beautiful leaves turned red and orange:

The intersection with Kilkenny Ridge Trail:

The trail was bespeckled with colorful fall leaves.

I took a few pictures at the viewpoint on the way up to Mt. Cabot:

After that brief stop, I continued...

I was excited to arrive at Cabot Cabin.

I hiked past the cabin for a couple tenths of a mile to tag the summit of Cabot.

After that, I went back to the cabin and had a snack.  I heard mice crawling and squeaking above me in the ceiling the whole time, which was a little unsettling but also amusing.

Heading down, looking up...

The leaves cast many intricate shadows on the ground.

The ascent of Cabot is enjoyable; the trail is lovely!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Solo Hike of Cannon, 9/17/2018

4.0 miles round-trip
2100 feet of elevation gain

Last Monday, I solo hiked Cannon Mountain.  I started the hike at around 5:00 am since I had an AP English Language class in the morning that I needed to attend that day.  Soon after I began the hike, I delayered and took off my fleece.  

The sky was a dark and mysterious blue-gray.

The sky lightened as the sun came up.  I had multiple viewpoints while hiking, thanks to the many gaps in the trees.

The gradual sunrise was beautiful.

I like this picture; I was luckily able to capture perfect purple clouds with pink bases.

The viewpoint was rewarding.  Here are some pictures I took from there:

The summit of Cannon up ahead:

I continued...

Looking back...

I was happy to see the summit structure.  It was a beautiful morning. 

I saw lovely views from the top:


Summit selfie:

After a little while, Sage and Mom, who were hiking the mountain as well (but significantly behind me so I could hike solo), caught up with me, and we spent some time at the summit together.

Coming down...

The leaves are turning already!  Time flies.


It was a nice hike.