Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wildcat D. January 15, 2017

***We are pleased to announce that we will be fundraising over the coming years for Union of Concerned Scientists.  As citizens of this planet and students of science, we fear for the future of our environment.  The incoming Trump administration seems neither to understand the science behind the threat nor care about the welfare of future generations.  We strive to do our part to support science-based research and education concerning climate change so that We The People might give ourselves and future generations the chance to enjoy continuous clean water and habitable environments, regardless of the actions/inactions of the imminent United States Powers That Be.

We are meeting with the good people at UCS next month.  After that, we will write more about our plans and actions.  In the meantime, please visit the UCSUSA website to learn more about who they are and what they do, and DONATE...because it certainly looks like science and the procurement of real knowledge will be more and more dependent on public, and not governmental, support over the next four years.***

Ski Trails, about 6 miles roundtrip with around 2000 feet of elevation gain.

Midterms and karate practice (we have an international competition coming up) ate most of our time last week -- as a consequence, Sunday's hike had to be short and quick.  We chose Wildcat D via the ski trails.  It's a nice, fast hike -- you buy a hiker's pass when the ticket counter opens at 8:30 and stay all the way to the left hiking up (and to the right hiking down).  We were up and down in three hours.

Here are the photos of our hike.  There is usually a nice view at the summit, but the morning was cloudy and we couldn't see the Presidentials.

(Mom took this photo)
I'll be back next week with a (more verbose) trip report of our next hike (midterms will be over).

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