Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back From Camp; Mt. Waumbek, 7/16/2017

(Alex is writing again)
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Please check out our new GraniteGals episode (Sage was the interviewer because I was at CTY summer camp in Lancaster, PA).  Our interviewee, Tammy Daugherty, is an experienced White Mountain hiker and a breast cancer survivor.  Also, you can now subscribe to GraniteGals on iTunes!

Starr King Trail
7.2 miles round-trip
2,650 feet of elevation gain

I'm back from camp!  The second day home, I hiked Mt. Waumbek.  Here are the pictures from our hike:

The trail was in good shape and the weather was cool.

Starr King!

It was cloudy when we got to Starr King, but the clouds disappeared by the time we arrived at Waumbek.

On our way to Waumbek...

Mt. Waumbek:

We went to the outlook and took some pictures of the views - by now the fog had receded.

Sage taking off her backpack:

Flowers I saw coming back from Waumbek...

When we came back to Starr King from Waumbek, a friendly couple took a picture of all three of us.

The hike was very enjoyable and we had great weather.  I am happy to be back home (I do miss my friends though).


  1. The flowers you photographed appear to be Orange Hawkweed (Pilasella aurantiaca), an invasive to the White Mountains.

    1. Thank you for the information!


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