Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June 2019 hikes: Carrigain, Tom Field Willey, and Cabot

We could only hike three days this entire month, since we are busy with summer travel, a WFR course (me), and Alpine Trail Maintenance certification.  We hiked Carrigain, Tom Field Willey, and Cabot three days in a row: June 17-19.

Sage put together the videos for Carrigain and Cabot.  Please remember that we are not trying to be literary geniuses or documentary film makers...we are simply documenting our hikes as a way of keeping track of our peaks.

For Tom, Field, and Willey, I went one way over the traverse while Mom and Sage went the other.  Here is the video for my hike.  You can find Sage's photos for her hike here.

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