Saturday, September 7, 2019

13 Before 13 Hiking List

I created 13 Before 13, a hiking list designed for children younger than 13.  Check out the website:! 

The rules (which are posted on the 13 Before 13 blog):

This list is composed of 13 hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and only children under 13 qualify to earn anything on completion of the list, hence the title.  The hikes are split into sections of 4 with Easy, Medium, Hard, and 1 last hike of Little Haystack.  Each of the first 3 sections contains a hike with views, a hike with scrambles, and a hike with waterfalls.  The last of the 4 hikes is one that the children choose themselves.  On completing each of the 3 sections before Little Haystack, the kid receives a sticker.  On finishing the whole list, the child earns a patch.

The goal of 13 Before 13 is to give young people a project that is not too intimidating.  I want them to feel like this list was made for them...because it was!  Ideally, this list would introduce children to hiking and motivate them to move on to more difficult lists after they finish 13 Before 13.  The stickers, besides being motivational, are there for if a child doesn't finish the whole list but he/she completes one or more of the sections.

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