Thursday, June 16, 2016

Waumbek. June 14, 2016

Mt. Waumbek
7.2 miles
2,650 feet of elevation gain

I was (and am now) happy that my schoolwork is completely finished for the summer and I can do other things.  Hiking, camps, and vacations will fill the next couple of months, and I am excited.  In fact, I am leaving for a three-week sleepover camp in less than two weeks!

The weather was comfortable for me: a little chilly, but warm enough.  It was perfect.  I started with my fleece shirt over my T shirt, but later on I delayered and took it off. 

Max (our dog) almost never poses for the picture -- apparently this time something was interesting over to the right.

As you might be able to tell, I took this picture while I was walking.  Sorry it is a little blurry...

We saw the well we know so well.  When I peered inside, there were sticks and dirt scattered along the bottom.

We continued up...

We got to Starr King.  The cairn looked nice, as usual.  It must have taken a while to build it and have it not fall over. 

At the chimney, we sat down for a quick break.  I didn't eat or drink anything; I just rested for a second.

On the way up to the summit of Mt. Waumbek, Mom reminded Sage and I of the moose that had wandered around the top of the mountain last time we were there.  I kept an eye out for fresh moose droppings and/or tracks.  I didn't see any tracks, but there were some day-old droppings.  We figured that the moose wasn't really close to the summit today.

We got to the summit.  Max kind of posed for the picture a way.

Mom contributed a summit picture of Sage and I and Max (Sage on the right and me on the left).  We never saw any moose!

On the way down, Max threw up a little and had some diarrhea.  I was worried about him.  Now, however, Max has recovered and is happy.

We are hiking once more before I go to camp, so I will post another trip report before I leave.

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