Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mt. Garfield. May 31, 2016

Mt. Garfield Trail
10.0 miles
3,000 feet of elevation gain

All snow was finally gone, the spider webs were out, and the weather was warm.  Summer is definitely coming soon.

I took the lead.  Taking down spider webs with my poles, I walked along the path filled with roots and watched my little dog (Max) come into view.  He likes going ahead when he can.  He sometimes tries to get ahead of the person in front, which, on this hike, was me.

Here was the first water crossing.  The water level wasn't very high, so it was pretty safe to cross.  I was careful of where to step, though, just in case.

Very green scenery here.  I was used to white scenery and crunchy snow, so I had to adjust.  It sure was beautiful.

Here we are taking a short break on a large rock.  It was perfect to sit on for a second or two.

Continuing on...

I started to hike a little ahead of Mom and Sage.  I walked faster than usual and felt good!

When I reached the intersection right before the summit, I had to stop and wait for Mom and Sage.  I don't know why I was going so fast; I just felt like it.

When I got to the top, there were blue, purple, and green mountains, crystal clear skies, and birds singing.  There was a small breeze amongst warm air; the perfect weather contributed to my happiness.

This is me with the mountain scenery in the background.  I wore my purple bandana as a hair tie so I wouldn't get too hot. 

Mom brought some different kinds of cookies for the top.  They were delicious!  There were sugar cookies (on the right) and coconut cookies (on the left).

I took a couple scenery pictures.

That was a very good hike.  I am so excited for summer and some more good weather.

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