Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Only South Hancock--July 19, 2016

About 8 miles
About 2,450 feet of elevation gain

This is my first hike since I have been back home from a three-week long sleepover camp called CTY!  I had an amazing time.  A different (not sleepover) camp is going on right now, so I have to hike in the afternoon after camp has ended for the day.

I am not used to starting to a hike in the afternoon, so for the first part of the hike I felt pretty drowsy.  A little while later, though, I became more awake and my adrenaline kicked in.  It was nice and cool outside, and there was a moderate breeze blowing.

Blurry picture -- sorry!  Note to self -- stop walking when using the camera.

There were a lot of water crossings on this hike, as we knew from many previous hikes up the Hancocks.  I wore trail runners which were not water proof.  This way, my feet could get wet but it felt pleasant, and my shoes dried quickly.

I love this trail because of its soft moss, smooth soil, and rough, tall trees.

This is Max, our border terrier, standing in deep water and licking his nose at the same time.  This should beat some cuteness record.

We ran into an older hiker friend, Karen!  It was lovely to see her again after all these years.

The last intersection...

Beautiful view...

Mom took a picture of me hiking up!

Summit!  The reason this picture is a close up is because there was a group of young boys (in a summer camp) hiking, and I didn't want to take a picture of them without their permission.  It is great to see young people out hiking!

Mom gave me this picture to use -- thank you! 

Mom and Sage...

The trees resembled tall toothpicks because of how thin they were.

Coming back down...

Back at the trailhead!  Unfortunately, Max is not facing the camera.  He was probably wondering why Mom and Sage stopped, and he faced them instead of me.

We only got South Hancock today.  This is because we already have North Hancock for July (for the Grid).  It felt odd not doing the whole loop!

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