Friday, November 11, 2016

Hancocks. November 6, 2016. Also, Announcement Coming Soon

This is Trish, Alex's mom.  Sorry for intruding on her account like this (I have her permission to do so), but I am going to post a link to my recent trip report of the Hancocks instead of having Alex post her own version.  She and her sister are still processing the results of Election Day and are coming up with a plan to do what they can to help protect the important organizations a Trump regime will undoubtedly try to destroy.  Alex will be back to posting next week.

The girls and I are, obviously, supporters of human rights for women.  We are also supporters of the LGBT community, and we want equal opportunity for people of color.  We are also not Christians, and we do not want what amounts to Christian Sharia taking over the land of the supposedly free.  It should therefore be obvious that all three of us are disgusted with many of our fellow citizens for failing to prevent what amounts to an international disaster, and we grieve for the future of our country and, indeed, the world (our inactions regarding climate change will doom everyone on the planet).

What can two girls do about this?  Whatever they can.  What can any of YOU do about this?  Whatever you can.  Start with donating to your local Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and your local LGBT support group.  Also, get used to the idea of standing in front of bulldozers.

Alex will be back on Monday with an announcement that will include her sister Sage.  In the meantime, chin up, good people.  Chin up, strong girls of our nation.  This is a temporary setback.  We The People chose Hillary Clinton over Trump, and We The People will not allow racism, sexism, and hate to take over our land.

Here's my trip report.   Come back on Monday.


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