Monday, November 14, 2016

On Moosilauke, Thinking of the Future--11/13/2016

Even though this is a hiking site, this post is going to take a different tone today because it is necessary to focus on what is important: equality for all.  Sage and I are Sisters Hiking for Equality for a reason; we believe in the equality and unity of people from all backgrounds.  People from all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations should be treated the same and should be judged only by their personalities.  This election has been hard on all of us, and it still is considering who won the presidency.  We need to come together and stand up for what is right.  Everyone has to be a shining bulb of justice in the midst of the cruelty and discrimination which has skyrocketed ever since Donald won the electoral vote.  Just remember that Hillary won the popular vote, and she will remain in our hearts and our spirits as we fight the force of hate.

I want to thank all of the people who donated to Global Fund for Women (GFW).  It is a fantastic organization and it promotes equality for women around the world.  That being said, we feel we have to take care of our own country now, because progress has been pushed backward.  Our future and the future of our country is at stake, and therefore we will be focusing our contributions on American organizations that support equal rights for everyone.  We will have more detailed information about our plans next month.

In the meantime, here is a video we put together to express our thoughts and ideas for moving forward.   


  1. Hey there Alex!,
    I'm so proud of you! As the Mom of a Conscious-Minded Nature Girl (8th grade), it's so important that you know you can/should speak up for what's right and good and fair. Today I was driving by a Trump supporter/celebrator house and I wrote this little diddy:

    There are No Winners in the 2016 Election

    No one won. Every American lost.

    When xenophobic, homophobic, ignorant and vague populist emotions and lies run a campaign, truth, justice, equality and vision are lost. Mob takes over.

    When diversity is squashed, culture, creativity and innovation stop.

    When Hope is replaced by Fear, goodness and humanity are conserved. Doubt fills souls.

    When the majority of voters do not get represented, it is not Democracy.

    When rights and privileges are taken away from people, they will fight.

    When peaceful religions are backed into an injust corners of hatred and misunderstanding, they will be inclined to radicalize.

    When gay and lesbian families are told that their Love is wrong, they will rebel.

    Maybe they were only “Words” to “Win” to you, Mr. Trump, but you have eroded the fabric of these United States and left it vulnerable to radicalization, hatred, distrust and attack. You showed that you have no understanding of people, cultures and great civilizations. People will fight for their lives and their beliefs. They will not stop because you say you’re sad or you say “Stop It”.

    We do not Trust you Mr. Trump. You are like a predator, ---who says to the naive, unknowing children, --“it’ll all be okay, --get into my car, C’mon, I’ve got some candy tax-breaks for you”…. “Oooo,..... Candy” the little minds say……..”I like candy,......... Okay”.

    You stirred the pot, Mr. Trump, only to find you don’t like the flavors all mixed up.

    You Created a false war on Obama and Clinton, much the same as Bush did on Sadam and just as Bush unjustifiably destabilized a whole region and bred a will to fight a war against the U.S., you have destabilized our whole country.

    America was a good idea. It was an Ideal Idea.

    What a Shame, a literal Shame, that we can’t stand here and say we are the still the greatest nation, built on our unique and unalienable rights, values and ideals anymore, not with you as our president.

    No one wins this.
    And, Alex, as gloomy as I felt about this, - I do think there is hope in the good hearts, souls, hands of people. This may prompt & encourage all of us to get out and make a difference and go for it, - don't be shy. Just go forward with love and respect for everyone, even if they don't know they deserve it!

    Keep Trekking out in Nature. Legs moving, Head thinking, Soul Stirring, and Connecting to Timeless Creation = Just about perfect combination I think!

    Take care,
    Blaine WA

  2. Way to go, ladies!!!!!! I feel kind of guilty because we went hiking instead of canvassing! If you're interested, maybe in another twenty years or so, you can run. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Beckie and Nancy,

    Thank you so much for your comments! This is Trish. November has been busy with Thanksgiving and a vacation, so Alex has not yet had the time to fully read and respond to your comments. She will next week, though -- just wanted to add this in the meantime to let you know that we appreciate what you wrote. Your words are beautiful. Alex did not want to give a rushed response, hence the delay. Thank you so much for your heartfelt and important messages. They are so very beautiful.


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