Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Current issue of Catalyst (Union of Concerned Scientists)

**This is Trish -- Alex and Sage are on vacation with their dad for a couple of weeks, so Alex said it was okay if I posted this notification for her.  Also, I'll post the next GraniteGals episode, which the girls recorded a few weeks ago for release this weekend.  (By the way, I am recovering well from my latest DVT and am already back on the hiking trails.  The girls and I will hike another 4K or two the week they return in mid-June.)**

Happy and honored to see Alex and Sage featured in the Union of Concerned Scientists' current issue of Catalyst (Volume 16, Spring 2017).  Click here to read not only about Alex and Sage, but about many other determined folks raising money for UCS!  UCS is an important organization that is dedicated to securing a clean and healthy environment for our future generations.  Please donate to UCS here.

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  1. I first heard about Alex's blog from this article. I'm very impressed with your initiative, Alex, and also with all the hiking. I used to hike the Whites, but my knees aren't letting me now. Union of Concerned Scientists is a great cause.


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