Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New GraniteGals Episode Coming Soon!

I hope everyone had a fun Mother's Day!  I am so grateful to be a daughter of such an amazing  and inspirational woman, my mom.  Kudos to all the mothers out there who are there for their children.

We unfortunately did not hike last week because Mom was not feeling well.  She drove to the trailhead with us but then felt dizzy and wanted to go back home.  We were not sure why she felt this way, but six days later, on Mother's Day, Mom felt a bit of cramping in her leg.  She didn't let us know this until the next morning, when her leg pain was much worse and she needed to go into the hospital.  It turns out she has a large DVT (this is the second time in her life this has happened).  We cannot hike for a few weeks because she needs time to recover.  I will keep posting about UCS and the GraniteGals podcast in the meantime.

Speaking of the GraniteGals podcast, we will release a new episode this weekend!  It will be on iTunes and GooglePlay in about a month because we need to wait for technical details to be worked out; we have to switch blog hosts but cannot for another 30 days.  In the meantime, the link for all GraniteGals episodes (downloadable MP3 format) are available on our GraniteGals blog.

**Please read about these grim arctic findings (damage due to climate change) from the blog of Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).  This is very worrisome!  Donate to UCS and keep reading their blog for more information on climate change effects.  Thank you so much!**

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