Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New GraniteGals Episode

Check out Union of Concerned Scientists!  Donate here.  Read about the huge importance of replacing your car with a clean energy model: an electric vehicle.  Electric vehicles save the driver money and reduce the general pollution emitted almost everywhere.

I recently came back from vacation for three weeks, so to make the timing of the GraniteGals interviews succinct, Sage and I interviewed our mom, Trish Herr.  Check out this new GraniteGals episode!  We are interviewing another female hiker this week and then will go back to releasing episodes with other New Hampshire female hikers.  On June 25th, I will be going to a three week sleepover camp, so during that time period, my sister, Sage, will take over and be the only interviewer and blog poster until I return.  Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone has a great day!

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