Friday, June 23, 2017

Solo Hike on Jackson: June 22, 2017

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I am going off to CTY very soon for three weeks!  During this sleepaway camp, I will not be able to write blog posts, so this is unfortunately my last post for a few weeks.  As soon as I come back I will start to post regularly and weekly again.  Sage will post a couple of her trip reports on this blog in the meantime.

I solo hiked Jackson today!  The sky was clear and there were many fluffy white clouds.  I didn't see any gray jays, but the weather was perfect and everything else went beautifully.  I saw a little toad -- that was nice (it is in one of the pictures below).  My shoes got a little muddy on the way down.  Also, I saw quite a few people, and everyone was friendly.  Below are all the pictures from the hike. 

Jackson-Webster Trail
5.2 miles round-trip
2,150 feet of elevation gain
Time: 3 hours




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