Sunday, September 10, 2017

Jefferson on a Cloudy, Misty Day 9/4/2017

I am saddened at the damage Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey have caused and are causing, and I hope more people don't get hurt from these terrible climate events.  To read more about how climate change affects the strength of hurricanes, click hereDonate to Union of Concerned Scientists to promote climate change research. 

Caps Ridge Trail, Gulfside Trail, Westside Trail, Tuckerman Crossover Trail, Ammonoosuc Trail
About 8.5 miles
3,500 Feet of Elevation Gain

On Monday the 4th, we came up Caps Ridge Trail to get Jefferson for our September Grid.  It was cloudy, misty, and windy when we got above treeline; there were no views for quite some time.  After going over Jefferson, we hiked Gulfside and Westside Trail to go around Mt. Washington to the Tuckerman Crossover Trail.  Here, we helped the AMC Pro-Crew rebuild the cairns along this trail -- a man knocked them all over for some reason, which is unfortunate because cairns take a long time to make.  We had a great time doing trailwork along this trail, though!  Lucky for us and the Pro-Crew, the clouds cleared while we were working and we were able to see beautiful views.  After rebuilding seven or eight cairns, we headed down Ammonoosuc Trail.  When we got to the bottom, we would have had to walk to our car from there, but a couple very nice people gave us a ride.  Mom, Sage, and I had a fantastic hike today!  Here are some of the pictures I took:

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