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Lafayette and Lincoln, January 22, 2018

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Lafayette and Lincoln
Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf Trail, Franconia Ridge Trail, Falling Waters Trail
8.9 miles
3,900 feet of elevation gain

We started our hike around 5:30.  It was pitch dark outside, but it didn't feel cold.

After hiking for a while in darkness, the sun rose more and more until we no longer needed our headlamps.  Then, we got above treeline and saw a serene, albeit cloudy, view.

A big ball of fog sat on Lafayette's Agonies.

As we hiked higher, each snow-covered pine needle was so distinct that the branch almost appeared fake, like it was a branch off a plastic and store-bought Christmas tree.  It was real and genuine though, which was what made the limbs especially pretty.

The trail was hard and solidly packed down.

We reached Greenleaf Hut!  The blanket of mist covering everything behind the hut was exactly what we hiked through all day, but everything was still beautiful.

We had a snack before going on our way.

The climb up Lafayette...

The rocks were covered in decorations of rime ice.

We hiked to the summit and, of course, the sign was frozen and covered in ice, like everything around it.


After having a snack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite candy), we went on.


We eventually found ourselves on Lincoln's summit!

Fun fact: one of our cats is named Lincoln!

The frozen ground:

Still no views, but oh well.

Mom taking photos:

After that, we kept going.

After a bit more hiking, we arrived at Little Haystack.  That mountain has such a lovely summit, even when there are no views. 



...and after!

Rime ice galore!

We rested a while on Little Haystack while Mom took some more photos, then we started to head down.  

We saw many ice formations near the waterfall sections of Falling Waters Trail.

Crossing the ice- and snow-bridged water:

Mom's frozen hair...

Feeling positive!

Back at the trailhead.

The Lincoln and Lafayette traverse, even when socked in, is one of a kind!

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