Friday, December 21, 2018

A Warm Day on Garfield. December 15, 2018

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Gale River Road, Garfield Trail, Garfield Ridge Trail.  About 12.4 miles (including the road walk) and 3300 feet of elevation gain.

Mom and I did this one without Sage; she is bogged down with schoolwork and we are close to our midterms, so she had to stay home to get things done (she is still on track to finish the Grid before going to college, though).  I have tons to do before midterms as well, but I had time to quickly hike this morning.  However, I will have to just put pictures here of our hike as a record of me getting Garfield in December.  Exams loom, so there isn't much time for blogging.

To sum up our hike -- it was a warm day (though windy and cold on the summit) and we wore snowshoes the whole time since the snow was soft.  We left at 6:10am and got back to the car by 12:30pm.  Here are the photos!

Photo by Trish Herr

Photo by Trish Herr

Photo by Trish Herr

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