Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tom, Field, and Willey Traverse on a Freezing Day--2/15/2016

Tom, Field, and Willey Traverse
Traverse Starting at Crawford Notch
8.5 Miles
3,100 Feet of Elevation Gain

We will hike along Avalon Trail, A-Z trail, Mt. Tom Spur, Willey Range Trail, and Ethan Pond Trail.  John Myers, a hiker friend, is coming with us today!

The temperature is freezing out here!  I am not sure exactly, but I believe it is somewhere around -12 degrees.  We usually do not wear hand warmers on hikes, but this day we are.  They feel very nice!  I am actually taking this picture with my nose since I don't feel like taking off my gloves (I have an iPhone that needs to feel warm contact).  It really works!

Here we go.  I will probably warm up soon...

Mom looks upset here, but she really isn't--she was just talking and the picture happened to make her look like she does.


Cheese!  Walking up the trail...

It is kind of hard to see it in the pictures, but here is the first gray jay of the day!  I love them.  Maybe we will feed it something on the top of Mt. Tom...

At the intersection!  I am excited to get on the top of Mt. Tom.  The memories here when I was younger...

There used to be a bench at the intersection...we have a picture of Sage and I sitting there a long time ago.

Further up Mt. Tom.  It is so cold that my balaclava is getting hard!  There is snow on it too.

That gray jay swooped down to get some food on the ground (we didn't put it there, I think it was there from other hikers).  Thanks for the opportunity for a close-up, gray jay!

Getting up there!  Can't wait.  There's the sun...warmth!

These two photos really work!  So nice!

There's Sage!

We keep going...

The thought running through my head is...that should be a Christmas tree. 

Deer tracks!  John also found some fresh droppings. 

Close-up of a tree...

I think I will get a random picture of Sage's bandana.  I like close-ups a lot.

Sage's hair with pretty little snow flecks...

We are attacking Sage with photos!  From all directions...


Remarkably pretty sky!  Ah...almost there.  I can't wait to eat chocolate.


John and the views!

The trail was mostly packed out on the way to Tom.


We made it to Tom!  Now we are at the viewpoint.  I'm eating my chocolate.  This small Twix bar is pretty hard since it is so cold outside.

Now we are going to the next mountain--Field...

We're there!  I didn't take many pictures of the short assent up Field because I didn't want to take my hands out of my gloves too many times.  The cairn of Field!

Another close-up...

John has hot chocolate!  That's a treat.  It's the perfect temperature!

Sage's boot...with microspikes.  They have been useful on this hike.

Okay, now we are heading over to Willey--1.4 miles.  More of a workout than Tom or Field.


I made a giant paw print in the snow!  Looks like a cross between a large bear, a dinosaur, and...I don't know.

Made it!  On top of Willey!  The day is getting warmer...

The actual summit in the trees...quite snug.


Beautiful cliff views at the look-out!  Magnificent!!

Stopping for a break on the viewpoint...

M and M's on the menu now...

Heading down the Willey ladders...they're partially covered with snow.  We have to be really careful!  (This first picture was taken by my mom since my storage ran out, and the rest were taken by John Myers)

It sort of looks like we are climbing up, but we are actually climbing down.

Well, that's the end of another hike.  After this, we will get home and have a slice of homemade pumpkin pie that Sage made--she likes to bake.  Adios!


  1. Way to go.So impressive.The family that hikes together,stays stronger together! Wish i could see you on the trails one of these days.

  2. Thank you Aris! I hope to run into you as well!


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