Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mt. Cabot. February 21, 2016

Mt. Cabot
2,400 Feet Elevation Gain
9.6 Miles Round Trip
York Pond Trail, Bunnell Notch Trail, and Kilkenny Ridge Trail

Off to a good start today!  When I step out of the car onto the trail head parking lot (which is in the middle of nowhere), it is surprisingly and refreshingly warm.  We are by ourselves today.

Let's get started!  The first part of the way up Mt. Cabot is flat--here we go. 

Looking back...

Forward again...

Mom takes off her Hillsounds; they're not necessary today.

Nice trees...

Taking a short breather and putting my gloves on my polls.  I'm telling you, it's very warm--if it wasn't, I definitely would not be able to leave my gloves off for this long! 

Mom notices the hill sloping upward on the other side--it makes for a good picture. 

Time to go upward!


A vicious pole in the midst of winter...

Yay!  We are almost to the cabin!

There is the bathroom in case we need to go.

Here we are.  I wonder how it looks inside--I haven't hiked Cabot in a while.

The cabin was nice and felt pretty warm!  It was well insulated--except for a jammed window that wouldn't shut.  We then made it to the summit of Cabot--it took longer than we expected from the cabin for some reason.  I'm not sure why. 

Well, we're back at the cabin!  We saved our snacks for inside here.  This is the cheese that we are eating for this mountain peak.  Looks pretty cool!

 Candy eating...

We're down!  A long drive but a nice mountain.  Back to home!

It was nice to meet Marty, Larry, and their friend (whose name I can't remember, sorry!)
 at the cabin today!

Until next time.

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