Thursday, March 3, 2016

Icy Kinsmans. February 29, 2016

North and South Kinsman
Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy, and Kinsman Ridge Trails
3,550 Feet of Elevation Gain
10 Miles Round-Trip

Starting out!  Not very cold, but going to be very icy on the trails.  We are hiking without a companion.  I liked the bridge!

Some blurry photos while trying to hike...

This picture was taken by my mom.  It shows just how icy Lonesome Lake Trail was!  So slippery!  I recommend traction.

Here we are at the intersection with Hi-Cannon!

Mom, Sage, and I had been bare-booting the trail so far (not a good idea!!).  Sage and I put on some Microspikes here, and Mom put on Hillsound Pros.

Hiking, hiking...

At the trail signs by Lonesome Lake hut and the lake itself!  The first part of the hike always feels the hardest for me.

Beautiful!  The lake!


We are at the hut...


Mom's taking a picture.

I figured people were still sleeping at this time--there are no crew members waking people up for breakfast at this time of year.

A nice picture taken by Mom--we are taking a break here before going up Fishin' Jimmy...

And we begin...

We are starting the icy parts now--there won't be many pictures of these parts--I will need my hands constantly.

Mom took this one...

Whew!  Looking back on what we just descended...


Now we're trying to figure out how to get up this large hunk of ice!

Mom's shot again, looking down on us from above while we try to ascend the slick ice...

I tried to zoom in...

That's the end of Fishin' Jimmy!  We are at an intersection.

There's the majestic bump of North Kinsman...

Yay!  There's the North Kinsman rock that is the summit.

And here is the awesome view by the North Kinsman summit!

Mom took this image of Sage and I--along with Franconia Ridge behind us.

I don't have any photos of us between North and South Kinsman for some reason.

This is the image of my fellow companions on South Kinsman!  It was windy!

The cairn!

A picture of each one of us...

And, of course, a rock.

On our way down...

Drawing in the snow...

Here are some pictures taken by my mom.  This is some of the ice on Fishin' Jimmy--bulky!

There's Sage--tricky move there.

And there's me!

I took this image.  Mom is taking a drink.

We're back!

Icy times!

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