Sunday, March 27, 2016

Snowy Hair on the Hancocks 3/21/16

The Hancocks
Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook and Hancock Loop trails
9.8 Miles Round Trip
2,650 Feet of Elevation Gain

We are all wishing Sage a happy birthday!  Sage turned 11 on the 24th of March!  It is also Easter today!  With so many celebrations I didn't post my trip report on my usual posting day last week.

We weren't sure if this hike was going to be as icy as our last hike (the Osceolas).  We didn't think so, but there was that possibility.  Thankfully, the Hancocks turned out to be easier and less icy!  The trail, we found, was bare in spots, especially near the beginning.  Spring has almost sprung!

 A little icy, but compared to the Osceolas last week it was nothing.


Here is the first (I think) water crossing of the day.  The water crossings on this hike were okay, but sketchy at times.  Pretty manageable.

I took some different shots of the 1st intersection sign.  I kept all of them on this post--I wanted to know what you all thought.  I would love to hear which one is your favorite!  Here they are:






Another water crossing -- we had to tap the ice with our poles to make sure it was sturdy enough to walk on.

Cool bird tracks!

Intersection!  The second one.

Hi, Sage!

Snowy was snowing almost the whole time we hiked the Hancock Loop.  Sage and I got a ton of snow in our hair and on top of our hats.

Here we are at the third intersection!  We choose to go on the path to the left and come back around on the right.

It has snowed more since I last took pictures of our hair is filled with snow even more than before!  My hair and head:

That's Sage's hat...!

Mom's hair...

We're talking about something...I forget what.

Bright orange/red jacket.

Snowy branch!!!

Yay!  We reached the top of the first peak!

Hiking toward the second mountaintop...

Didn't take many pictures between the peaks.  Here's the second summit!  Out we go.

Back at the car now!  We found a black glove by the sign.

The end.  Great hike!

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