Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hancocks and Upcoming Finals--May 9, 2016

Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, and Hancock Loop Trails
2,650 feet of elevation gain
9.8 miles round-trip

It was colder than I expected.  Some of the recent hikes I have done have felt cool, warm, or even hot.  This one, however, was chillier.

I had a final for one of my courses coming up, so that was lingering on my mind.

Off we go...with the bridges at the very beginning.

There are many water crossings on the Hancocks.  We had to be careful on them so that we didn't fall in or slip.

A little snow and ice appeared here.

An intersection!

Mom crossing a water crossing.  It was better to walk on the rocks that were underneath the surface of the still water than to walk on the rocks right next to the rushing water.

The second intersection!  We usually go up North Hancock first and then go over to South Hancock and down, but today we did something a little different.  We had heard that the ice going up South Hancock was pretty strenuous, so we decided to go up South Hancock first instead and then traverse over to North Hancock and down.  This was because it is usually easier and safer to go up ice than down it.

Here comes the ice and snow...

North Hancock in the distance...

Almost at the top of South Hancock.  The summit is straight through the trees up there.

There it is!  Sage has sat down to rest.

I focused my iPhone camera on the sky and clouds.  They are bright and colorful.

 Heading over to North Hancock...the ice and snow was there, but not as bad as the hike up South Hancock.

Here we are at the summit of North Hancock!

On the way down, before the intersection separating the trail up North Hancock and South Hancock, we came across a water crossing that is usually dry.  Sage pointed out that this would be a beautiful image to take.

 The end of the trail is right up there.  The hike has ended!

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