Sunday, February 19, 2017

Union of Concerned Scientists, 2/16/2017

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is an important organization for climate change research and the support of cleaner energy resources.  We had the honor of meeting with some of the amazing people working at UCS on Thursday the 16th!  Rachel Cleetus (Lead Economist & Climate Policy Manager), Sarah Reinhardt (Food Systems & Health Analyst, Food & Environment Program), Seth Shulman (Editorial Director), Brenda Ekwurzel (Senior Climate Scientist, Director of Climate Science), and Matt Heid (Senior Communications Strategist) took some of their valuable time to speak with us, and John Mace (Membership Director) organized the meeting.  It was informative and interesting, and I learned so much.  I want to thank these people for their generosity and their time! 

From now on, along with every trip report, I will write about what UCS is doing and their mission, and I will include a donate link; I ask you to please consider donating to UCS as the preservation of the environment and preventing as much climate change damage as possible are extremely important.  Thank you so much!

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