Thursday, April 13, 2017

Osceolas on a Warm Day, 4/10/2017

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Mt. Osceola and East Osceola
Greeley Ponds Trail, Mt. Osceola Trail
7.6 miles
3,100 feet of elevation gain

It was still dark out when we started hiking, so we wore headlamps until the sky lightened.

When we got to the next intersection, the sky was light enough to take off headlamps.  This intersection marks the point where we turn onto the steep Mt. Osceola Trail.

We just have to get above that bump...

Sun, come up!

It was cool at first, but it became warmer and warmer as the day continued.  We delayered down to our T-shirts.

The sky was a powerful dark blue, and it was a clear day.

The sun felt amazing on my face and back.

Beautiful views on the way up!

Crossing the slide:

East Osceola came closer and closer...

Sage and me at the lookout point...(me)


We arrived at the simple summit of East Osceola -- there was so much snow that the summit cairn was no longer visible.

Traveling to Mt. Osceola...

The Chimney (left) and the Bypass (right):

We went up the Bypass because it looked safer and easier than climbing up the ice-filled Chimney. 

Looking down...

Views from Mt. Osceola!

The day had progressed and it was quite warm outside.  There was a nice, cool breeze all around the two mountains.  The sun felt so good!

Heading back down, we could see the Presidentials in the distance with their own personal layers of white snow, while the lower mountains around them were green, blue, and purple.

The trail was comfortable to walk on during the ascent, but the snow became mushy, slick, and soft and was extremely slippery to walk on while coming down.

Looking up at incoming Sage...

While Sage held onto a tree, some branches scraped her and left a rather nasty cut all down her right arm.

The weather is warming surprisingly fast (but then again, we are in New Hampshire)!  I can feel summer pushing through the icy winter gates, the sun melting the snow within.  A holiday is occurring this Sunday...Happy Easter, everyone!

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