Monday, October 30, 2017

Wildcat D, 10/29/2017

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Wildcat D
Wildcat Ski Area
7 miles round-trip
Around 2,100 feet of elevation gain

Due to storms in the forecast, we decided to hike something short today.  John Myers, his friend Steve Lord, Mom, Sage, and I ascended Wildcat D together.  John and Steve were great company!

It was dark and misty when we started the hike.  When Mom drove into the parking lot, the fog was so intense she could barely see where to park.  We all put on rain gear because the air felt so heavy and wet.

The pictures I took from here on out did not save for some reason, so most of the following were taken by Mom...

Me walking up the trail and John delayering ahead:

John and Steve coming up:

It started raining close to the summit of Wildcat D.

Sage and I walking ahead...

Summit group pictures!

This photo was taken by John

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