Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tagging Jefferson, Plus the Post of Pierce, 8/26/2018

If you would like to learn about extreme heat waves and how they are caused by climate change, check out this blog post by Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).  Please donate and subscribe to UCS!

I hope everyone had a great summer!  I recently returned home after finishing the Coast to Coast walk in England.  The trip was amazing!  If you would like to see pictures from our experiences, follow Sage and I on Facebook (Sisters Hiking for the Environment) and/or Instagram (@sistershiking4environment).  Also, Mom will be creating her own blog post (her blog: Trish, Alex, and Sage) about the trip, so keep an eye out for that!  The post should be ready in a couple weeks.

A few days ago, we did a big hike with Adam Kateri Mooshian.  Congratulations to him for finishing the Terrifying 25 on this hike!  We went up Great Gulf Trail.  Sage went up Washington when we arrived at the ridge, while Mom waited for her.  Adam and I started hiking over to Jefferson to tag the peak for the Grid.  We all ended up meeting at the top of Sphinx Trail.  

Sage published a blog post for this hike; make sure to check it out!  Here are some of my pictures from my hike going over to Jefferson with Adam:

Summit of Jefferson:

Crawford Path
6.4 miles round-trip
2,450 feet of elevation gain

We started early to try to dodge the worst of the day's heat.  It felt very humid on the way up, and all of us were substantially sweating!

I led and took care of all of the spider webs on our ascent.

Photo by Trish Herr

We purposely picked a short hike because of the predicted extremely hot temperatures.

It was a beautiful day, and the breeze felt amazing.

Pretty swirly clouds above the summit...

Heading to the top...

The summit marker:


Summit photo!

Photo by Trish Herr

Even though the hike was brief, we all had a great time!  We appreciated the cool breeze and the gorgeous views from the top.

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