Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Solo Hike of the Wildcats, 9/3/2018

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Wildcat A and Wildcat D
Wildcat Ridge and Nineteen Mile Brook Trails
8.7 miles
3,150 feet of elevation gain

I solo hiked the Wildcats yesterday.  I was previously going to attempt a much more strenuous hike, but the predicted weather did not comply with my plans.  I hiked up Nineteen Mile Brook Trail to the summit of Wildcat A, hiked along the ridge, hit Wildcat D, and descended down the Wildcat Mountain Ski Area slopes.  John, Mom, and Sage hiked the same peaks, except they started by hiking up the ski slopes and heading down Nineteen Mile Brook Trail.

It was a humid summer early morning when I started off the day.  This was my first time solo hiking in the darkness, I believe.

I got a little spooked a few times, but I wasn't fazed much.

I arrived at the first intersection...

The sky began to lighten sometime after reaching the first intersection.

Everything was brighter and more colorful when the sun came up.  It was nice to be immersed in light.

Up and up...

0.7 tenths of a mile to the summit...

The final push was steep, but thankfully not too long.

I got to the top of Wildcat A!  The view was pretty from the outlook.

Carter Notch Hut down below:

Another view of the buildings:

After taking a picture at the actual summit in the trees, I went on my way.

I saw some nice scenery from the ridgewalk:

Still hiking over to Wildcat D...

I was happy when I spotted the summit.

Some pictures from the top of Wildcat D...

Heading down the ski slopes...

The slopes are quite beautiful in the summer.  There was grass, and there were numerous flowers.  Monarch butterflies were flying around.

Turn on your audio for this brief video!  What a tranquil sound...

Two butterflies circling each other:

A Monarch butterfly on a flower:

I think I caught a bird flying in this photo (by the edge of the mountain).

The leaves are already beginning to turn!  I am excited for fall colors.

I made it down at around 10:00 am and hung out until Mom, Sage, and John drove into the parking lot.  Even though I didn't get to hike with him, it was awesome seeing John again after quite a long time!  

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