Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Solo Hike of Moosilauke, 7/10/2018

Sage posted about our short hike of Table Rock (on the Terrifying 25).  The ascent was very steep but brief.  In only three tenths of a mile, we were at the top.  The views from the top were gorgeous!  We took a longer route on the way down.  Check out her blog post here.

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Gorge Brook trail
7.4 miles round-trip
2,550 feet of elevation gain

Sage solo hiked for the first time on this day.  She did a wonderful job!  Since it was her first time hiking alone, I started solo hiking first.  Then, about 18 minutes later, Sage began her ascent.  Lastly, Mom began climbing Moosilauke after waiting another 18 minutes.  This way, it was a little safer than Sage being on a mountain completely on her own.

Gorge Brook is nice, because the trail is very wide; I didn't end up breaking that many spiderwebs.

Mom took a picture of me at the trailhead before I continued on my own.  I apologize about the picture being so tiny!  I do not know why that happened.

Photo taken by Trish Herr

There was a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, as well as a chance of rain at 9:00 am, so we started early.

I stayed on Gorge Brook the whole time.

I arrived at the halfway point.  After this, the trail turned to the right for a while and got steeper.

I was happy when I saw the first views of the day.

There was a pretty pink glow outlining the faraway mountains.

Up I went...

I got above treeline with an adventurous spirit.

I could see the summit...

 I was excited to be at the top!  There were beautiful 360-degree views all around me.  I didn't see any clouds that appeared to be threatening.  Also, I Gridded out Moosilauke!  I no longer need to hike this mountain anymore to further my Grid progress.

Resting in one of the rock structures...

I used the Instagram space filter for this image.  I think it turned out well!

After about 15 minutes, Sage appeared on the summit.  I took some silhouette pictures of her.

Sage and I talked for a bit, and 15 minutes after Sage appeared on the summit, Mom came.

Photo taken by Trish Herr

I began to head back down the mountain.

I took a Panoramic image of my surroundings.

I had a nice time hiking down Moosilauke.  When I arrived at the Ravine Lodge, I waited for Sage and Mom.  Sage arrived around 22 minutes after I got there, and then Mom got there around 30 minutes after Sage came.

I will be away until late August, so I won't have a chance to post anything until after I get back.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer!

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