Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mt. Moriah--9/25/2016

Stony Brook Trail and Carter-Moriah Trail
10.0 miles round-trip 
3,150 feet of elevation gain

We hiked with John Myers, a good hiking friend, today.  At first we planned a longer hike, but Sage was sick--she had a bad cough and the sniffles--so we decided it would be wiser to do a hike on the shorter side.  

A nice bridge...

Water crossing!


I noticed a bunch of mushrooms growing on a medium-sized tree.  There were even more going up the tree trunk.

Bog bridges!  Some were rotting, but for the most part they were all fairly sturdy.

We came to the intersection.  There were many bog bridges going to the left and the right, as well as some coming from where we hiked up.

There were some green wisps of grass alongside the bridges.

We soon came to the second intersection (it was right around the corner).

Up we go!

There were beautiful views on the way there.

It was a good thing I remembered to look behind me...

Something to climb over.

Summit marker!

Some of the trees were frosted over.

Mom took this picture of both of us.


We saw a gray jay on top this time, and it acted more timid than gray jays usually are.  There was another bird of a different species hanging around, as well.  We saw that type of bird last time we were on Mt. Moriah, but we hadn't seen the gray jay before.

John having a summit snack!


Heading down...

We saw two grouse on one of the bog bridges, but thankfully they simply wandered off and didn't prevent us from continuing.

I didn't end up solo hiking today, but it was a great (not to mention beautiful) hike!

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