Friday, December 23, 2016

Moriah and Mom's birthday! December 22, 2016

Stony Brook Trail and Carter Moriah Trail. 
10 miles roundtrip. 
3150 feet elevation gain.

Mom's birthday!  We had such a great time.  I am about to travel for the Christmas holidays, so I will write this trip report when I return before the end of the month.  For now, I will say that this was a perfect hike of Moriah, with great trail conditions (packed snow so only microspikes were needed), gray jays, and a delicious ice cream cake on the summit  (that melted a bit against Mom's back as she hiked up, lol). 

Here are the photos -- I will edit this trip report as soon as I return.  Happy Holidays!

Edit -- December 31, 2016 - This will be a short report as I am still currently living in holiday bustle; I hope everyone is having a joyous Christmas/New Year season.

Today was Mom's birthday!  It was super fun hiking up Mt. Moriah.  It snowed on us almost the entire way!

It was a nice day and there was snow falling as we ascended.

Photo by Mom
There was a nice view through a break in the clouds.

There was a particularly steep part close to the top.  We made a path through the trees on the left side and got up that way. 

Sage and I with a misty view behind us!

Photo by Mom

Mom carried a small ice cream cake up Mt. Moriah for her birthday.  Half of it melted a bit (the part next to her back) and the other half stayed whole.  It was a comical sight, but it still tasted wonderful!

Half-melted ice cream cake!  :) Taken by Mom
Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you!

Mom eating the cake!
It was delicious anyway! Taken by Sage
There was a beautiful view.  Strangely, there wasn't frost on the trees like there was last time we were on Moriah (late fall), but it still was a gorgeous sight fit for a gorgeous moment.

Happy birthday to my very special mother!  It was a great, happy day and we all had a good time.
I will write again tomorrow about our December 29th hike of the Osceolas.  Happy New Year!


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