Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hiking the Hancocks 12/4/2016

The Hancocks
9.8 miles
2,650 feet of elevation gain
Cedar Brook Trail, Hancock Loop Trail

We hiked the Hancocks today.  There was a fair bit of snow covering the ground.

There wasn't as much snow on the trees themselves down here as there was farther up.

Sage got a snowflake in her hair!

Mom got a picture of Sage and I on the trail (Sage in the front, myself in the back).

When we arrived at a higher point on the mountain, there was an icy archway waiting for us intertwined with snowy, icy branches.

Even the tree trunks were completely covered in ice!  It was beautiful and magical.

The first summit, North Hancock!  It was a cloudy day so there weren't any visible views--just cloud.

After that, we traversed over to South peak.  It was a fantastical scene of beauty with the trees and the snow.  I cannot stress enough how much I was and am in love with the sight.

Summit sign with gorgeous trees in the background...

Coming down...

We were back at the parking lot and everything went well!  The Hancocks are always enjoyable and nice to hike, and they provide beauty--down to the smallest beautiful snowflake--even when it is cloudy.

Back to the car!  I had a Spanish test today so I studied on the way back home.

Winter break is coming soon...I can't wait!

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